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“We have been working with Charmain and her terrific team at Integrity Designs for over 5 years and we continue to do so.  The quality is high, the pricing is reasonable and orders are always finished in a very timely manner.  Thank you!”

-Dan Torjman, 18 Waits


“Charmain does incredibly beautiful work!  Her attention to detail and skills are remarkable, and I have yet to receive a final product that does not meet the quality standard of my brand.  She offers low minimums and fair prices, something that is particularly meaningful to me as a growing small business.  Beyond that, Charmain is just so lovely, you can’t help but enjoy a chat with her when dropping off or picking up your order!”

-Tanya Ruddy, Purest Form


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"Charmain and her talented team at Integrity Designs provide me with ongoing high-quality service.  Integrity Designs always goes above & beyond to ensure they are meeting my unique needs. They not only provide me with an unbelievable product but also do it in a way that only Charmain can, with a friendly demeanor and an incredible work ethic. I would recommend Integrity Designs to anyone as they are the best in the business."

 – Mitch Plata, Evrydays Underwear

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