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Events & Social

River Fest - May 2020- Palmer Rapids On.

Roncy Rocks - June 2020 - Toronto On.

Polish Festival - September 2020 - Toronto On.

(stay tuned for more details!)

Being a designer is no easy feat.  At Integrity Designs we’re here to make the production side of things a little easier.  Whether you’re established and need 200 dresses made for stores and trade shows or you’re just starting out with a sketch and a dream, we can help!



Consult - First 30 minute consult free.  All subsequent consults/fittings $35/hr 

Please submit a quote/consult form or email to get the process started.


**All pricing will vary depending on design details and difficulty, textiles and turnaround time**


Product development - $40-$65/hr


Pattern making/adjusting - $55-$75/hr


Sample making  (cut/sew/press)- $40-$65/hr


Cutting - $35-$45/hr


Production cut/sew/press - $35-$65/hr (pieces will be timed out to figure out a set cost per piece.  Utilizing all 3 services is not mandatory, i.e., Clients can provide cut pieces ready to sew or choose to do the final press themselves.)

Machinery Used

•Industrial single needle (with woven fabric binding attachment options)

•Industrial 4 thread overlock serger

•Industrial 5 thread overlock with chainstitch 

•Industrial coverstitch 

•Semi-industrial buttonholer (only suitable for thin-medium weight fabrics)

•Rivet & snap press (inquire about specific sizes)

•Electric rotary cutter (knits-10-18 layer cutting capability, wovens- 4-15 layer cutting capability- all depends on weight and thickness)

•Pressing & steaming equipment

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